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Teenagers exposed

Some people might say being a teenager is the best time of your life, your free, and young and have tons of freedom and not many responsibilities, some beg to differ. I like to think I’m Switzerland. I feel that we are so expected to act like an adult; get a job, act correctly, obey all the rules, and were still treated like children. We are so looked down upon by so many adults, and still we are expected to act like them. The thing I find sad is that adults don’t’ take us seriously and it just discourages us. I’m sure many can agree and disagree and the comments will be blowing up. I want to debate on this, I find it important, and this is MY opinion and MY opinion only.

School, this is the worst for me, my school is a prep school, and most people think prep schools are all high and mighty and that they are amazing. Long story short, I’ve been to public school and private, and my prep school is just a public school education with a hefty price tag. It’s the same schooling and the same textbooks but we have stricter teachers, and have to pay more money, but thats a whole other story that I don’t want to get into.

Teenagers, back to the point,  lets build a scenario, I have to wear a skirt and a white blouse every single day, its the same dress code for every single student, no matter what. Now the skirts have to be a certain length, one day my skirt was riding up a bit, I did not do it on purpose, at all I mean tbh, there are no cute boy at my school that I’m trying to impress, but a teacher yelled at me. Now this one teacher is a woman, and she is clinically bipolar I swear, YOU ALL have one just like this don’t lie, sometimes on a good day, she’s super happy and peppy, and then other days she’s literally the devil. So this day she yelled “DID YOU PULL YOUR SKIRT UP” and me, knowing she already in her head made up what her idea was the truth is, just said yes. She congratulated me and said it was admirable. See, not being genuine gave me praise? what? If I told the actual truth what ACTUALLY happened, she would have never believed me, and would have shamed me until the end of my days about lying and how its not honourable.

My school has a moral system as well as a education one, the moral system is BS, it’s all who can kiss ass more to get the top. My first year, I didn’t kiss ass at all I thought I was better than that, last year I tried really hard to kiss up and be good to the teachers, and i moved up 2 levels, in the moral system. My school teaches us that kissing ass, and not being genuine is the way to get through life, now maybe that’s an extreme everytime I have argued any points, they’ve all been shut down because they have already made up in their head what their idea of the truth is, even without knowing it. They wouldn’t agree and I already know it, and what’s the point, were just checks that come in every month to my school.

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